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Elle Sompres believes we all share 4 common core desires – significance, appreciation, connection, and contribution. This is why she is so enthusiastic about helping you fully ignite the power of your mind!  Not only does harnessing your brain power help you be more productive and develop strong relationships and rapport — it also increases your confidence, inner peace, and opens doors you may not even know existed.  

But let’s go back to the beginning so you know a little bit about where she came from. 

A lifelong lover of music, Elle chose to surround herself with her passion and entered the world of radio advertising in 1994.  Over the next 10 years, Elle grew into a rockstar salesperson and, in time, she was promoted to National Sales Manager for 3 top-rated stations.  All along, she was also a voracious learner and absorbing all she could about personal development, psychology, neuroscience, and the power of our minds.  Her success, coupled with her desire to help others, led to multiple speaking engagements designed to empower and inspire students at high schools and colleges.  And a new passion was born…

In 2004, Elle took a risk to leave the stability of a traditional career and enter the world of entrepreneurship.  In the past 15 years, she has helped thousands of business leaders, admin, students, and salespeople transform their lives both professionally AND personally. 

From memory training to mindset coaching, Elle has profound knowledge about how our brains operate and what we can do to improve how effectively they function. 

While her wisdom is certainly rooted in science and research, the best part is that Elle dynamically delivers it all with a good dose of humor and whole a lot of heart.