Maximize Your Memory Power


  • Struggle to remember names?    
  • Forget important dates?
  • Feel bogged down by all the details you need to remember in your job?
  • Fail to recall what you were about to say next in a presentation?
  • Spend more time looking for your to-do list than it takes to accomplish it?
  • Go to the store for 3 items, spend $75, and walk out missing 2 of them?


But the good news is  ~ You CAN  train your memory to function MORE effectively

“Great time spent.  I now have simple tools & skills I never would have thought I could learn in only 4 hours.  Oh my goodness I needed this!  Since I am a coach myself and do a lot of training with our agents, I can be picky about other courses, but I can’t wait to tell everyone about this!”  – Ashley Lunn, Operating Partner at Keller Williams
“Elle turns what appears to be very complex (memory training) into a simple, understandable, & do-able system. he fully kept my attention the entire time & it was better than I even thought it may be when I signed up. he’s a very positive & encouraging instructor & I’m excited for my son to attend the next one.” – Jeff Tiss, Lawyers Titl
In this course, you learn a

that helps you…
Reduce stress
Save time
Organize your day
Strengthen relationships
Deliver Effortless Presentations WITHOUT notes
Make more money
Ace those tests
…and ultimately ELEVATE your bottom line!

“Elle is amazing!  Within 4 hours I was able to go from remembering only 6 things when I walked in the door – to over 18 THINGS by the time I left. This system is incredible and I can’t wait to start applying it to my daily life and my business!”  – Chris Jardine — Lawyers Title